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Most Successful Small Breeder 2011 & 2012
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About Us: British Alpaca Futurity Most Successful Small Breeder 2011 & 2012
Simply Suri Alpacas was born from a dream to run a business from home which I could run and operate successfully whilst being a Mum. So, back in 2007, we invested just over £16,000 in our first "starter herd" of 5 females. Like many breeders, our first herd taught us all about looking after Alpacas, health care, husbandry, birthing, mating and all of the other things that we needed to know.

However, after a year or so, when we had learnt about Alpaca genetics and been to enough shows to know what made a good Alpaca, we decided that we had not invested enough in our starter herd and so had purchased animals whose offspring were never going to be show winners. We also knew about this time that Suri alpacas were definitely the way to go. Huacaya's have been in the UK since 1990 or so, and many breeders had been very successful with them since that time, so the market was mature. Our decision to specialise in Suris was a very timely one. In 2009, we took the tough decision to sell our starter herd and we invested more money in what we now call our foundation herd. We took the advice of a breeder and Judge at this time who told us to sell the starter herd for whatever we could get, which we did. Whilst we made a loss on these animals, it was most definitely the right decision.

From our reinvestment, we had a great herd of breeding females and we also purchased a show winning potential stud male. This was a serious risk as he was unproven at that time, meaning that he had not been mated with any females and so we had no idea what sort of cria he would throw. In 2011, we purchased more foundation herd animals and a second potential stud male. In the meantime, Magnum, our first stud male was being used on many of our females.

It was also in 2011 that we started to take our animals to Alpaca shows and were delighted to win several prizes at the major show of the year, the British Alpaca Futurity 2011. We were in fact so successful that we won Champion Black Suri Male, Champion Black Suri Female and the BAS Most Successful Small Breeder 2011.

2011 saw the first cria being born to Magnum and we were thrilled when one of his offspring (Pip Willow) won Suri Champion Black Female in the BAS Futurity 2012 show in March. We were even more delighted when the Judge awarded Suri Judges Choice to Willow and when he raved about her confirmation and the quality of her fleece to the audience. We also won Suri Champion Fawn Female (with Tallulah) and First Place in Suri Intermediate Male - Black (with our new stud male, Timmy). We also entered fleeces into the BAS Futurity Fleece Show and won First Place in the Suri Black Fleece 6-12 Months category (for Timmy), First Place in the Suri Black Fleece 12-24 months category (for Tia) and Champion Suri Black Fleece (Tia). Finally, to cap off another great year, Simply Suris won BAS Most Successful Small Breeder 2012.

So, we have definitely had a very hectic couple of years. When we first started in Alpacas, many breeders told us that they had moved house to get more land and we would never have believed it at the time, but in September of 2011, we moved for this very reason. We now have just under 10 acres surrounding our house, all devoted to our Alpacas, with potentially more land to rent should we need it.

The one question that we are asked most often is whether or not you can make a good living out of Alpacas. All we can tell people is what we have managed, which is to build up our herd and successfully sell all of the animals that we want to sell each and every year. After our initial investment in fencing, shelters and stock, our ongoing costs are minimal and having our own studs means that we can now produce high quality cria every year and then sell on cria, Mums, stud males and foundation herds.

If you have any questions about Suri Alpacas, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We love to talk about our Alpacas and to help anyone that would like to start their own herd.

Fiona Smith
Mobile: 07436 793366

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